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Join some of New Zealand's most inspiring teachers such as Vincent Bolletta, Jac Wilson, Louise Paiti, Taane Mete and Kirsty Van de Geer. Their classes are all about preparing the body for rest and restoration, with deep nourishment and a focus on balancing the nervous system. 

Our teachers are the heartbeat of the experience - together complementing each other with a rich and diverse set of skills and experience both on and off the mat. They’ll carefully curate each tropical yogi’s areas of strength and opportunity and will impart years of training, workshop and retreat experience around the world in a setting that is both intimate and social. You’ll enjoy plenty of time in casual conversation with the teachers over the week, as well as the opportunity for one-on-one sessions - rewarding your return home with a new experience of yoga. 

meet our wonderful teachers

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Vincent Bolletta

Teaching and practicing yoga since 1989 and involved with the health and wellness industry for the same period. Vincent's area of interest lies in structural optimisation, rehabilitation and integration, as well as reducing movement impairment syndromes.

Vincent uses the methodology of yoga asanas, Pranayama and a variety of other bodywork methodologies in his classes and private sessions.

Vincent’s own practice and passion is to educate and teach private and therapeutic yoga sessions where the multi-dimensional healing properties of yoga can come to life. He runs a 200 & 500 RYT teacher training program and a one year mentoring programme with the Centre of Contemporary Yoga Studies.

Vincent is based in Auckland, New Zealand and presents seminars, workshops, conferences and retreats around the world.

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Jac Wilson

One of Auckland’s most respected teachers, Jac is passionate about the body and its movement. Her warm, approachable and inspiring classes make the most of everyday life through movement and movement’s relationship to breath.

Focusing on the therapeutic aspects of yoga, Jac has worked with disabilities, mental health and trauma - including her own injuries. Her classes appeal to both beginners as well as those further in their yoga journeys.

Jac co-directed the Wellness Collective in Auckland and is currently working with Vincent Bolletta of Hansa Yoga - passing knowledge onto other teachers both at home and abroad.  Jac believes in the power of yoga to make a person feel infinitely more comfortable in their body by making the absolute best of what they’ve got.


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Louise Paiti

Louise Paiti is a Cook Islander who combines her passion for Polynesian Bodywork, Physiotherapy and Yoga for this retreat. Returning to Australia recently after 3 years living in Rarotonga producing destination films for Cook Islands Tourism, her love of her country is evident. She can’t wait to share the blissful vibe and natural beauty of Aitutaki with you.  

Louise combines in-depth Physiotherapy knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and rehabilitation with the ancient principles of Yoga and Polynesian Bodywork - a deeply nourishing massage for relaxation, release, nurturing, calm and healing - to create a potent system for addressing the physical, mental and emotional needs of her clients. She is also a passionate educator and proponent of breathwork as a means to calm our nervous systems and our busy minds.

Building on her teacher training by studying with The Yoga Institute in Sydney, as part of the Tropical Island Yoga team, Louise will be sharing her insight, experience and passion with you.


Kirsty Van der Geer

Kirsty's passion for movement stems from an early involvement in dance and gymnastics throughout her childhood and early twenties. Her creative nature then led into 20 years of work in film and television. Long, intense days and the arrival of two children led to her developing a number of autoimmune conditions. Finding refuge in yoga, she began to look at life through a different lens. After 12 plus years of dedicated yoga, and experiencing its healing benefits first hand, Kirsty made the decision to dedicate the next stage of her life to sharing her love of yoga with others. “Yoga has enabled me to grow stronger mentally, emotionally and physically and become more flexible on and off the mat", says Kirsty. "Every day yoga teaches me the importance of showing up for myself in the most loving way possible - inspiring me to live my life more truthfully and each moment more mindfully.” With more than 500 hours training in yin and vinyasa, Kirsty is a compassionate teacher, who crafts thoughtful sequencing with a focus on optimal alignment for every body. Her passion for movement and yoga philosophy will encourage tropical island yogis to deepen their understanding of both their bodies and themselves.

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Taane Mete

An accomplished professional dancer, Taane found yoga in the early 90s -  enhancing and supporting his dancing career as a means of maintaining body and mind connection on and off the road.

In 2015 Taane did his first yoga training with Power Living, Wellington and began teaching at eastwest in Ponsonby in 2016. Yoga has brought Taane closer to himself and those around him.

He values the calming effects that yoga provides, and the associated healing benefits and improvement of injuries in dance, while improving overall confidence and strength - physically and mentally.

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Amy Morice

Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Mama

As a massage therapist since 2006, the body has always been an interest of mine. When discovering the benefits of adding in an awareness of movement to this work I became a keen practitioner of Yoga. Having spent the last 12 years actively involved in the wellness industry it has been a privilege to work alongside an array of specialists from a variety of different fields.

In 2012 I embarked on a one-year diploma of Yoga with Mark O’Brien from ‘Qi Yoga’ Sydney. At this time, I was also introduced to the work of Donna Farhi, and after many 5-day intensives in 2015 I spent 25 days completing her Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. This was an extremely potent experience that was to refine the way I taught and practiced

In 2013 I trained with ‘Art of Motion’ as a contemporary Pilates Teacher and shortly after spent time with Mysan Sidbo of ‘Mysan Yoga’ where I studied Yin Yoga.

In 2017 I met Vincent Bolletta founder of ‘Hansa Yoga’ which became a pivotal moment in my relationship with Yoga and my work. Having since spent time with him studying Flow and Yoga therapy.

In 2018 I opened one of New Plymouth’s leading Yoga and Natural Therapies clinics called ‘Tahi’.

2019 has offered further collaborations and as an extension of my work in Yoga Therapy I now run yoga teacher trainings and Intensives with Hañsa Yoga 

For me this work is about guiding people to find a greater relationship and understanding of their own unique bodies in how to move and inspire the whole person to experience health and healing. Life is full of vibrancy and this practice teaches me daily how to express that.

My qualifications: Cert. Myofascial Massage & Functional Integration; Dip. Advanced Yoga & Yoga

Therapy (1000+ hours); Qualified Pre-& Post Natal Yoga Teacher; Qualified Contemporary Pilates Teacher